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Hello dear music fans! Welcome to my official DISCO Radioshow Homepage. I am professional DJ since 1993 playing Eurodance, Dance, Trance, Techno, Rave, House and Happy Hardcore from industrially manufactured CDs or Vinyls only. As long as the quality of the music, the production, the melody, the vocal recording and the mastering meets the high quality standards that I am expecting, the chance is high I will play it on my radioshow. You can trust me and feel save because I will keep bad mastered tracks away from your ears.

My DJ-sets are full of smooth breath-taking transitions. So let me take you on a journey through all genres of high quality dance music and have some fun together. There are no commercial breaks, no interruptions and nothing what could get on your nerves. Forget YouTube, Spotify or all the other stuff which you might know from the Internet. The DISCO is your music island where you can enjoy listening to your favourite music.

Each DISCO episode comes along with a detailed tracklist. You can see what you hear. This allows you to support the artists, producers and labels as it is very easy to find all featured tracks in your local record stores. Please buy records!

I know that not everyone has enough space to store several thousand CDs or vinyl records at home like me. No problem at all. Let me do all the work for you! I appreciate your support by making a donation via PayPal. By supporting me today, you will help me to continue my mission to spread out high quality Dance music to entertain you and all your friends.

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How to listen to the DISCO Radioshow

On my podcast pages you will find all full-length DISCO episodes available online. If your browser does not support the embedded player, please enter the DISCO on the HEARTHIS streaming page. It gives you the opportunity to interact with me by leaving comments, giving likes or hearts and sharing the DISCO on your social media.